Winning with Food and Weight

When you are tired of struggling and ready to find peace and feel normal around food.


During the program you will learn how to:
-Improve your eating habits
-Understand your body better
-Make your self-care a priority
-Feel confident in choosing and preparing food for you and your loved ones
-Experience an increase in overall happiness in your life
-Set and accomplish goals
-Why you overeat and what to do about it
-Understand and reduce cravings Increase energy
-Feel better in your body Improve personal relationships
-Change your mindset to reach your goals



"Laura has changed my life. Better yet, she has equipped me with what I needed to proactively change. I am looking at the rest of my life knowing I will be healthy and strong enough to live it fully." Pamela

"Laura helped me believe that I could make changes and stick to them. I found myself making healthier choices and not feeling restricted."  Tammy
".....I just recently completed a six month program, and let me tell you, I feel the best that I can ever remember: mentally, physically, emotionally. So many things have changed for the better for me. Laura is passionate about the work she does. She believes in the work she does. She cares about the people she encounters. We definitely need more people like her in our lives. I aspire to be more like Laura. Thank you, Laura, for all you have done for me and continue to do for me. You have impacted my life more than you can ever know...." Sirena

"After working with Laura I was actually able to feel more like a normal person around food. Knowing I could enjoy ALL the foods I enjoy in moderation and it's ok. With her guidance I have reached my healthy weight and am able to maintain it!!" Jane

“Laura helped me to see what I was already doing well, and encouraged me to take new steps.  She was encouraging and made new actions more manageable.”  Denise

Course Pricing

  • Self-Study
  • 6 payments of

    $79 USD

    per month

    Winning with Food and Weight: Completly Online Self-Study

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  • Completely private self-study
  • Access to key distinctions previously only available in person
  • Community Support in the Winner's Circle Facebook Community
  • Reach out to Laura for personal support via email or messenger
  • Most popular
    One-on-One Coaching
  • 6 payments of

    $270 USD

    per month

    Winning with Food and Weight: one-on-one Coaching

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  • Get crystal clear on your goal & how to reach them
  • 2 one-on-one private 55 min coaching sessions each month for 6 months
  • Access to group coaching (WHEN IN SESSION)
  • Community Support in the Winner's Circle Facebook Group
  • Reach out to Laura for personal support via email, text or messenger